Our experience of delivering strategic consulting services is grounded in supporting clients and executives with challenges  such as delivering cost savings or operating more efficiently as an organisation

The strategies we develop are pragmatic and achievable, whilst still setting out challenging stretch targets that can give the best return on any investment.

Typically, a client engagement will consist of meeting and working closely with the sponsor and key stakeholders, setting out a timely approach, developing a strategy ‘strawman’ and creating a supporting business case. We find that the key to a successful strategic engagement is ensuring that internal teams are bought into the change and understand the key drivers behind it.

Some clients may recognise that they have inefficiencies in their existing organisations, operating model or processes.


Perhaps clients have spent time, resources and costs in delivering change that has been less successful than expected. In these cases, we aim to bring an objective and fresh perspective. 

Sometimes, this means bringing analytical expertise to solve the problem by understanding the data and then highlighting gaps and the specific approach and steps, that can be taken to address these gaps.

Increasingly, however, it means bringing new ideas to the team in order to transform the way a process or programme is delivered and operated.

Our advisory services consists of ratifying strategy, business cases, programmes and projects that our clients are considering or are in-flight either internally or externally with suppliers.


Examples of this  include reviewing and providing feedback on outsourcing / offshoring deals, master services agreements or large statements of work. 


Specifically we focus on support functions (IT, HR, Procurement, Finance and Facilities), shared services and large transformation programmes for our advisory services. Generally we would work with a sponsor and provide feedback and reviews directly to them and their immediate team.


In addition to our core consultancy services, we believe that  diversity and the right combination of talent is key to building and running a successful business. Fostering an inclusive culture will result in innovation, enthusiasm and successful collaboration in the workplace 

We can support your efforts in setting up your internal diversity and inclusion networks and bring about cultural change in a tangible, measurable way.

We also provide coaching and mentoring to emerging leaders and key talent in your organisation and support them so that they can make a greater impact with key stakeholders and customers. 


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